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Struggling to find specific construction materials or the best prices? With our network of over 10,000 suppliers, we source and deliver exactly what you need, when you need it.

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Out of Stock Materials? Best Pricing?

Mani is the fastest way to buy building materials with best pricing meeting your lead time.

How to Use Mani?

Simple way to source your building materials. Just submit what you are looking for and wait for the report.
1.Can’t find? Out of Stock?
You may encounter unavailable construction materials from suppliers with no other places to find them.
2. Submit your information
Share details about the product you're looking for. Including photos, dimensions, or a link can help us find it more easily.
3. Receive options & Purchase
Use the information we provide to make a decision and buy items through our payment link.

Why Choose Mani?

To help you make a decision better, we find the right materials at prices that fit your budget, considering factors such as lead time, and product specifications.
Find your building material
We source materials from suppliers across the nation to find exactly what you need. Alternatively, we'll show you the alternative building material options that match the specifications you provide.
Compare competitive pricing
You can compare competitive pricing from various suppliers to ensure you get the most cost-effective options.
Manage procurement timeline
Through the timelines we provide, you can plan when your materials will get delivered. Use this information to manage your projects efficiently and on schedule.

What our clients say

See the impact of Mani

“An amazing service”

I'm really happy with the service I received. It helped me a lot as I was working on a project but had trouble finding the right supplies. The service made sure I got everything I needed on time.  I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who needs help getting their project supplies quickly.

Dustin Wood
Quality Acoustics & Drywall, LLC

No Delays, Just Perfect Timing

Fantastic service! I was working on a tight deadline for my project and finding the right materials was proving to be a big challenge. This service came through for me, ensuring that all the materials I needed were delivered exactly when I needed them. This allowed me to focus on my work without worrying about delays.

Alex Kane
Project Manager at Homedc Construction

Reliable and Timely Delivery

It was tough to locate the right items I needed to keep things moving. Thankfully, the service ensured that all supplies were delivered on time. Because of this, I managed my project smoothly and met all my deadlines comfortably.

Matthew Gilbert
President at Allinone Construction
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Increase in revenue


Decrease in budget spend

"I was struggling to find building materials for my project and couldn't find them anywhere. Thankfully, I used this service and found exactly what I needed, preventing any delays in my project. I highly recommend it to anyone in a similar situation."

Maseeh Exeer
Project Manager


Increase in revenue


Increase in project speed

"This service was a lifesaver when I couldn't locate the construction materials I needed. They helped me find everything, ensuring my project stayed on schedule. I'm so grateful and would suggest this service to anyone facing similar challenges."

Sean Keating


Increase in revenue


Increase in project speed

"I couldn't find the necessary construction supplies anywhere, but this service came through for me. It helped me get all the materials on time and kept my project from being delayed. I would definitely recommend this service to others in need of quick and reliable material sourcing."

Jerry Davids

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